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We are a community of professionals, students, educators, and enthusiasts who share a passion for audio engineering. We aim to support and facilitate professional development, primarily by providing educational resources, organizing readings, and facilitating discussions within the audio industry.

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ANBC has ongoing sessions in a variety of topics centered around the entertainment industry, ranging from some of the most complicated topics to audio basics. We hope to have something for everyone, and are expanding the topics we cover all the time.

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Books in Progress


Current Book Offerings:

Sound Systems: Design and Optimization

Sound Systems: Design and Optimization by Bob McCarthy is the book that started it all for us here at ANBC. This is a highly advanced "bible" for System Engineers and is geared for those looking to indulge in a more advanced take on system optimization.

Start Date: Janurary 1, 2022

Starting Soon

Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a book about tuning sound systems for live events, but more importantly, it's a book about making decisions. Beginning with an overview of system design fundamentals, the author then shares his personal approach to sound system design and alignment, and his rationale - not only why decisions are made, but also the order in which they are made, which can have a profound effect on the resulting uniformity of the system.

Readers will learn to consider the outcomes and tradeoffs throughout the process, and the author's school of thought yields a mental framework for creating consistency, regardless of the size, scope, or scale of the sound system.

Foreword by Bob McCarthy

Start Date: January 2, 2023