About ANBC



The Audio Nerd Book Club was created by David Williams and Hannah Goodine while they were working through a textbook together. They realized that involving more readers would help everybody share knowledge and motivation, and the ANBC was born. 


David Williams

David Williams is a freelance audio engineer based in central New York. He fell in love with live sound while completing his electrical engineering degree, and he brings that perspective into his work as a system engineer. When he's away from the office, David spends his time hiking, cycling, and exploring new bread recipes. 

Hannah Goodine

Hannah Goodine is an Application Support Specialist at Rational Acoustics. She is a 2021 graduate of Husson University’s NESCom and has been known to freelance as a system tech and monitor engineer. When she’s not working, Hannah enjoys birding, spending time with her pet lovebird and crocheting. 


Chris Leonard

GW Rodriguez

Michael Lawrence

Samantha Potter

Sam Zuckerman

Kat Rice

Sam Boone

Cameron Trasuk